Are You Crazy Enough?


Are you crazy enough to believe dreams can come true?  Crazy enough to believe in the impossible?

Someone reading this post has given up on a brilliant concept because they were called “crazy” for believing it could happen.   Within them is something big, life changing and extraordinary, yet they’ve locked it away in a box labeled “it will never happen”.  So let me ask you this, what would the world be like if Steve Jobs believe those who called him crazy?  You know the people who couldn’t see the vision?  Well there would be no Ipad, Ipod, or the gadget in which recently sold over SIX MILLION units in its first week known as the Iphone…  The gift of being “crazy” is you can see things no one else can, believe in the impossible, and live in a world filled with illusions of greater…

One thing I’ve learned is you can’t share your dreams with everyone…  There are so many people infected with the poisonous disease “can’t”…  At some point they were made to believes dreams are for sleeping only, so anyone who’s living (Click “HERE” to read more)


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