How “Hurt” Can “Help” Take You “Higher”


I’m a firm believer there’s a lesson for growth in everything we encounter in life.  If it’s hurt, there’s a lesson…  If it’s an accomplishment, there is a lesson…   In those events in which it feels our world has been turned upside down, the lesson appears to be harder to find than those in which makes us smile.  But did you know if allowed, “Hurt” can “help” you reach “higher” levels in life?  Well it can and today I want to take a moment to talk about each of them…

Hurt:  No one wants to be hurt… it sucks, the pain is excruciating at times, and it seems unfair especially when it appears the person who caused the pain seems to be living a “blessed and favored” life.  It’s like when are they going to get what they deserve?  But who knows, they may already be getting it….  Some of you are hurting today and you’ve allowed that hurtful experience to cause you a far greater loss than anyone else could.  You’re waddling in the past, your misery, and you’ve become poison to everyone you come in contact with….  What would happen if you allowed your “hurt” to “help” you?

Help:  So how can the “hurt” you feel “help” you?  Well through the lesson that comes with it…  You see, hurt teaches us how it feels to be down, lonely, and broken…  If allowed “hurt” pulls the cover from over our eyes and teaches us not the mistakes we’ve made, but our areas for improvement.   So many you are going through this thing called “life” naïve, and then there are those of you who know every damn thing, you can’t tell you nothing….  So life comes in, shakes up your work  in order to teach and grow you….  There is no promise that (Click “Here” to read more)



One thought on “How “Hurt” Can “Help” Take You “Higher”

  1. Thank you for the excellent information. You inspired me because it goes hand in hand with what I’m learning a lot lately…that being uncomfortable can actually ADD to the comforts and joys of life 🙂

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