I’m Not A Super Star, I’m Just A Super Me…


Okay it’s Thursday, so you already know I’m breaking it down…  The song I’ve chosen I believe could change the world if people would only apply it to themselves.  Chrisette Michele is back with a new album and “Super Chris” for me is the standout track…  Check out the Full CD Review by clicking here, “Chrisette’s Eclectic Opus”.  So let’s get to it…

The lyrics that stood out is actually the chorus of the song…

Am I a superstar
Is that who I are?
I’m a superstar
No not really though
Not really, not at all
I’m fierce
A Super Chris
(Uh huh, I is, a Super duper Chris
I am, my best, I can only be Chris)

I love this song because she recognizes people perceive what she considers as “Super Chris” as a “Super Star”.  She’s only being the best her, whomever that may be…  She acknowledges she has insecurities just like you, but you’re unable to see this because of what she does…  You see the glitz and the glam, fame and fortune, and the bright lights that has come with being “Super Chris”…. She’s doing nothing extra, just living her life taking a shot of Hennessey and being the best Chris she can be…  Not looking for the applause of the world, because she’s clapping louder than anyone else could ever clap…  She’s fierce…

What would the world be like if everyone was free to be themselves? A world where there were no expectations, perceptions, and pedestals? I’m imaging it to be a world filled with happier people, less suicide, less insecurity, less stress, and much more success…  So many of you are living your life worrying and wondering what someone else thinks of you, but does it really matter?  Do you really give a damn?  If you do, you shouldn’t…

As I’ve stated in several of my post, people are fickle and their perception of you changes with their underwear…  You’re the apple of their eye one day, and the thorn in (Click “Here” to read more)


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