Similarities Of A Break Up And A Cold…

Photograph of couple ripped in half


For the past two days I’ve been under the weather and must admit, it took a brother down.  Chills, night sweats, coughing, headaches and a scratchy throat are just a few of the symptoms in which I felt.  So today I woke up and even though I wasn’t feeling 100, I made a conscious decision to get back into the swing of things (workout, have breakfast, dress nice, etc.).  As I was showering it hit me, as weird as it may seem, getting over a cold is very similar to getting over a breakup.  So follow me as I share with you my thoughts…

We do everything to avoid it…  With a cold or flu, we take extreme measures avoiding getting sick: yearly flu shots, constant Vitamin C intake, hats, gloves, and oversized jackets.  With a relationship:  self-examination, purchasing gifts, keeping quiet to avoid pushing him/her away, taking crap when we don’t deserve it, begging, pleading, and blaming ourselves.

It gets the best of us…  With a cold or flu, we lose our desire to do anything.  We’re physically tired; lose our appetite, only want to go to sleep, and it hurts to move.  With a relationship, we lose our desire to do anything.  We’re depressed, mentally tired, sometimes results in the loss or gain of an appetite, only want to lie down, and it feels like it hurts to move forward.

It sucks…  With a cold or flu, it sucks constantly coughing, being congested, runny nose, sweating, and unable to sleep due to the soreness and residue of the illness.  With a relationship, it sucks constantly asking “why”, being (Click “Here” to read more)


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