Why Being Single Sucks



Today, let’s talk about “Why being single sucks” and what you can do about it…

So here we go…

  1. You’re A Great Catch:  You bring to the table so many wonderful qualities, yet you’re single…
  2. You Want To Be In A Relationship/Married: Within there is so much love to give; the desire to make someone happy; you want to be loved, cherished, honored, and shown you’re worth making the sacrifice.  You’re affectionate, caring and let’s not forget “you’re a great catch”, yet you’re single… What’s up with that God?
  3. All Your Friends Are Either Married Or In A Relationship: You’re tired of being the 3rd Wheel, the one everyone attempts to hook up with a brother/sister, co-worker, church, member; you want to be in a relationship, and oh yeah “you’re a great catch”…  Really God?
  4. You’re Getting Older: You’re more mature, financially stable, relationship ready…  Your biological clock is ticking and you want children…  All your friends have children, in a relationship, and oh yeah “you’re a hell of a catch”…  God are You the new host of “Punked”?
  5. Everyone’s Playing Games: You’ve realized you’re a great catch, mature, and ready for a serious relationship..  It sucks having to go on dates with men/women who aren’t serious about life, ready for commitment, and still playing games… You’re not a “Nanny” or a “Sugar Daddy”, so you’re not trying to raise nor fund another adult.  The dating scene is a FT Job you’re not willing to work anymore…  Come on God, you got to be kidding me… (Click “Here” to read more)

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