Couples Therapy: She’s A Work In Progress…

A young woman wears make-up


Outside the fact some men lack the brain power and genes to commit to one woman, what is the next most common reason men say they cheat? Is it peer pressure? Extremely high sex drive? Lack of interest in the one he’s with????? Well through several polls conducted across the world, the number two reason men lie and say they cheat is (drum roll please)…. “the other woman makes him feel like a man…” Now I know several of you women  have  probably cursed the screen, rolled your eyes, and even picked up the phone and called your bestie…. But don’t be mad at me, I’m not the conductor of the poll nor am I your deceitful man; I’m just sharing their findings….

It’s true; the polls have shown men feel belittled, manipulated, unappreciated and castrated by some of you women. Now in no way am I condoning cheating, but you women who say you’re a “Work In Progress” and you’re trying to let him be a man, this blog is for you… You see the other woman is like Grandparents keeping your hardhead kids… You see they don’t have to deal with him forgetting to put down the toilet seat, his mood swings, nor do they have to deal with him not paying the bills on time. So because (Click “HERE” to read more)


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