No Teeth…Big Buns…



Getting your wisdom teeth pulled can require a lengthy recovery process. Thankfully, the doctor that pulled mine (all 4 at once…geesh) was great and I had no issues. But let’s just say that hydrocodone will have you doing some very unexpected and hilarious things. This is definitely the case with Jayci Underwood. She was obviously in a deep sleep and thought her dream was a reality. Her loving husband Matt just happened to catch her waking up and into her drug induced rant. Jayci wasn’t dreaming of being a millionaire, going on an exotic trip or even being a super hero. Well, that is unless you count Nicki Minaj as a super hero.

Watch Mrs. Underwood wake up and go ballistic as she realizes that she’s not Nicki Minaj after all. It was all a dream. She (Click “HERE” to read more.. )


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