Here’s Why You Should Go For It…



Standing before you is the opportunity of a lifetime.  Whether it’s the answer to your prayers or an unexpected blessing, right now at this very moment you’re being presented with a life changing experience.  One that others would die for, but there’s something wrong…  Seems as though it would be a “No Brainer” decision, yet you find yourself doubtful.  Doubtful of whether or not it’s truly God or the work of the enemy…  Doubtful if you should take it…  Doubtful if you’re qualified and whether or not you will be successful…

So many times we doubt God not because we’re unsure if He’s able to do the things He has done, but secretly because we doubt whether or not He has equipped us to handle, maintain, accomplish, and fulfill all He has done. It’s amazing how God open doors, but we’re afraid to walk through them…  We’re afraid because we doubt our own gifts, abilities, strengths, and the power within us.  We’re afraid of what others will say, think, and how we will be treated…  We’re afraid because of our past, who we “used to be”, and we doubt if others will ever receive anything from us…  We’re afraid of stepping out of our comfort zones, being challenged, and having to struggle through some rough times…

If only we could see our strengths, gifts, creative genius, the power we possess to change the atmosphere, world, and lives of millions…  If only we could see how seeds of doubt the enemy has planted throughout (Click “Here” To Read More)


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