The Scars Of Love Reminds Me…



Okay, it’s Thursday and the song I’ve chosen was originally recorded by Adele, but recently the Queen of Soul, Ms. Aretha Franklin recorded and put her raspy, soulful, and heartfelt spin on it (Produced by Andre 3000)…  So let’s get straight to it…  Honestly, the lyrics in this song are so powerful it was hard for me to choose just one line or stanza…  But since I have to choose, the standout stanza is actually at the beginning of the song…

There’s a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch, it’s bringing me out the dark
Finally I can see you crystal clear
Go ‘head and sell me out and I’ll lay your shit bare
See how I leave with every piece of you
Don’t underestimate the things that I will do

There’s a fire starting in my heart
Reaching a fever pitch
And it’s bringing me out the dark

The scars of your love remind me of us
They keep me thinking that we almost had it all
The scars of your love, they leave me breathless
I can’t help feeling
We could have had it all

You’re gonna wish you never had met me
Rolling in the deep
Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep
You had my heart inside of your hand
And you played it, to the beat

If you’ve ever given your heart away, you can relate to these lyrics… You gave everything to this person, yet you’re left with a scarred heart.   The scars remind you of not only the bad times, but the good ones as well.  If he/she could have only realized the prize you are, they could have had it all.  You would have gone to the end of the world, done everything in your power to give them not only what they wanted, but what they needed as well.  You trusted, believed in, and the love you felt blinded you to the truth…..  Your heart was in their hands, but they were playing it like a drum … Beating it until it was ripped, torn in half, and unrepairable…

If you haven’t noticed these lyrics come from a place of brokenness, this person is hurt, angry, and wants revenge.  They want him/her to pay and feel the pain they are feeling, but is this possible????  Can someone else feel your pain???  So many times when we’ve been hurt, we’re unable to see it hurts us more seeking revenge…  Holding anger (Click “Here” to read more)


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