Can’t Stand To See The Pain…


If you haven’t heard of K. Avett, you’re missing out…  Singer, Musician, Songwriter with unbelievable vocals…  This chic is a mesh of Mary J., Dorinda and Karen Clark, with a sprinkle of Kim Burrell all bottled up together.  Check out the review of her latest release “Revelations”, by clicking “K. Avett “Revelations”” and visit her site to download her CD.

This week I’ve chosen “Can’t Stand” as the song to break down and give my spin on…  The standout stanza for me is…


When did my life become just another sad love song?

The silence seems so loud

As I lose myself among the crowd

The only peace I feel is when you’re not around

Now that we’ve reached the end of love

I see the love it never was

So clear to me that life goes on

Without you


I think we’ve all been here before…  You know in a relationship that was over, yet you stayed in it far too long…  All the signs were there…  You were unhappy, they were unhappy and sadly to say, the only time you felt peace was when they were gone… Daily going through the motions, faking in bed, smiling to give a perception of contentment, but in your heart you reached that point where you didn’t give a damn anymore.  You lacked the will to fight, power to be creative, and your heart became numb causing all communication to cease (silence seems so loud)…


You stopped arguing, (Click here to read more “Pain” )


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