You Be Tripping…


Some of you are currently on a trip and don’t even know it… You’ve traveled to an exclusive destination, VIP Resort, and even though you are surrounded by innumerable people, you’re there all alone.  Maybe you were sent there by a parent, spouse, friend, religious belief, enemy or possibly the actions of your past.   Whatever the reason or whomever sent you there, it’s time you come off the “Guilt Trip” you’re currently on, and come back home.

Many of you are living a life filled with guilt.  Guilt of not meeting the standards of a parent, spouse, friend, and even God….  Guilt from the “ up’s” of your past, the hurt you’ve caused, and guilt of being “selfish” and pursuing the things you want.  Regrets of what you’ve done have sent you on a trip with no final destination, you want to make things better and as a result, you’re now on a “Guilt Trip”.

“Guilt” a form of manipulation placed on us by others, (Click here to read more… “Guilt Trip” )


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