“Frozen In The Past”


Finally the man of your dreams has found you. Tall, dark, handsome, employed, has his own car, no “Baby Momma” drama, all his teeth, and he has his own place. He’s a Christian, loves his mother, and he exceeds every item on your “Must Have” list, but there’s something wrong and you just can’t put your finger on it. Is he a liar, on the DL, secretly has a wife hidden away or is he a con-artist trying to take the $221.38 out of your savings account? Something’s not right, it’s too good to be true, so what’s wrong with this guy?

Sadly to say, the above isn’t only the “Broken” woman, but it’s many of you reading this post. Standing before you are the answers to your prayers, but because you’re holding onto hurt, failure, fear, and your unwillingness to not only forgive others but yourself, YOU CAN’T SEE IT. It could be a man, job, car, new opportunity or “destiny” that has revealed itself, yet you’re unable to embrace the good standing dead in your face.   You never allowed yourself proper time to heal from those things that broke you, therefore unfortunately everyone and everything afterwards has to pay for it.

Because you’ve been hurt, disappointed (Click here to read more… John Patrick Adams )


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