“Just When…”


Don’t you hate those “just when” moments?  You know like “Just when” you thought things couldn’t get any worst, something else happens?    “Just when” you thought someone you’ve forgiven had change, they go and prove you wrong?  Or how about “just when” you thought you were “over it”, you find yourself right back in it?  It’s in moments like these we question our strength, wisdom, and character.  We allow the “just when” moments to get us down, leaving us feeling insane.

It’s in “just when” moments we must exercise our faith, dig deep into our soul and find an ounce of strength, and we must believe in the person we truly are.  It’s easy to forget our strength when we are weighed down by life.  It’s easy to forget the greatness we possess when we allow others to break us.  It’s easy to forget we are more than conquers when it seems the whole world is against us.  But it’s in those “Just when” moments we find out exactly who we truly are…

The truth is… “Just when” moments are there to “MAKE” you, not “BREAK” you…  They’re there to prove your strength and force you to exercise your faith…  They’re there (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl )


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