“I Just Want To Live…”


Have you ever reached a point in life where you felt you’re “alive”, but you aren’t “living”?  Daily going through the routine, but not really experiencing any fulfilling moments?   Well I know how you feel, because that’s exactly where I am today… 

For the past couple of years I’ve wanted to travel, get away from the struggles of the world, leave everything behind for at least a moment and just live my life…  Live it free of worrying about bills, calories, image, perception and the expectations of others.  Live it like God truly destined me to live it before I allowed mortgage, car payments, credit cards, relationships, pressures of the world, expectations of the church, and friendships to blur my vision of true happiness… For once, I just want to live…

I want to wake up at whatever time (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl )


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