“Protect Me From Me”


Truth:  Sometimes God has to protect us from ourselves…

Here recently I’ve had a few “low” moments…  You know moments like “loneliness”, “sadness”, and when it just seemed like life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to.  found myself going back to “toxic” situation, doing things that questioned my greatness, and I made a few bad decisions.  I knew I was just having a moment, but I felt I couldn’t win, so I went to the places I felt most comfortable.  The scary thing is these places are things and people I’ve been running from.

Once arriving at destination “familiar”, nothing went right.  It was a disaster and I found myself upset with God.  I couldn’t understand how He was allowing this to happen;, why things weren’t going right, and why He placed so much love in me if I’m not supposed to share it.  The truth is…  God will protect us even when we become our worst enemy.  You see I had prayed God would deliver me from some people, things, and situations.  I asked Him to cover me from hidden dangers and shield me from all harm.  When going back and things didn’t work the way I thought that would, that was God answering my prayers. 

Many times we are watching for the visible dangers, (Click here to read more The Truth Bowl )


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