“U.G.L.Y You Ain’t Got No Alibi”

“If you’re not pretty, make the best of your ugly” John Patrick Adams

Some of you are ugly as hell, jacked and toe up from the flo up…    Don’t act shocked because we’re confirming what you already know…  Every morning you look into the mirror, no makeup and think or say it yourself, “Damn, you ugly”.  The “unmasked you” reveal scars, bruises, dark marks, and parts of yourself you pray and hope no one ever sees… You’re EMOTIONALLY and MENTALLY ugly, and it doesn’t matter how much makeup (smiles, lies, facades) you put on, until you get yo … (shut yo mouth) together, you’re always going to see just how ugly you are.

For years you’ve covered up pain, hurt, and abuse… You’ve lied not only to the world, but to yourself….  You’ve worn facades so long; you now even believe the bull… (shut yo mouth) life you portray as perfect.  Maybe it’s molestation, manipulation, or just plain ole humiliation… It could be drugs, porn, or maybe your heart is hurting from being torn…  Maybe you hear the words spoken to you by an ex-spouse or partner, a parent who told you a lie, or from somebody who doesn’t give a damn if you live or die..  Whatever it is you hear, see, or think, when you stand before the mirror of your soul, it’s reminding you of just how ugly you are…

You’re struggling with seeing the beauty of your creation…  You can’t (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl )


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