“It’s Not Free, I’m Paying For This…”


Sometimes when I hear “You don’t’ have to worry about what you eat, you never gain weight” I just want to go off the deep end and starting cursing…    I know it sounds pretty extreme, but its truth…  You see people don’t understand there’s a cost I have to pay, NOTHINGS FREE…   Sure my father’s side of the family was naturally thin, but my mother’s wasn’t…  I can gain weight faster than Oprah, Kirstie Alley, and DeAngelo all put together, but I’m paying the price to keep this naturally lean look…  It cost me giving up my favorite foods like spaghetti, pizza, soups made with heavy cream, soda, and desserts… It cost me hours of sleep…   While they’re lying on their lazy cushy butts, I’m in the gym on the treadmill, Stairmaster, doing jumping jacks, and crunches…  I have to the pay the cost of being sore, having aching knees and sometimes swollen feet…  They only see the results, not the sacrifice…

Some of you are in my predicament as well…  You’ve giving up so much to not only have, but keep the things you want, yet people think it just fell into your lap…  They’re unable to see the sacrifices you’re making, the tears you’re shedding and the sleepless nights you have to endure…  They’re so caught up with the perception of they think you are, until they find themselves competing with a false reality of who you are.  Their perception is so delusional; they’re unable to see there’s a price being paid to get the things you have…   I find it (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl )


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