“Stop Staring At Me”


Like many of you today, for years I woke up each morning, got dressed, walked out the door and instantly became the person everyone thought I should be.  I smiled when I was sad, spoke when I wanted to be silent and each night after making it home, I was exhausted from wearing the mask and facades of Christianity, success, and happiness.  I was living a lie and only God and I knew the truth.  At the time the truth was I wasn’t being me…  I wasn’t allowing the true essence of my creation to shine through…  I allowed the expectations of others to overcome me, and internally I paid for it…

Every morning I stood before the mirror and the person staring back at me looked so differently than the person I allowed the world to see.  The guy in the mirror loved wearing T-Shirts and Jeans, having an occasional Margarita with friends, Garage Sales, creative, and loved eating Sugar Golden Crisp on Saturday mornings as they watched cartoons…  The guy I allowed the world to see was somewhat fashionable, didn’t drink, shopped at the mall, and each Saturday morning they hit the gym hard…  The guy in the mirror begged to come with me each day, but because I felt the pressures of living up to the standards of the world, I left my true being behind.

Every day you wake up, get dressed, some of you walk out the bathroom and instantly become “Mommy”, “Daddy”, and sadly to say “Perfect”.  Then there are those of you (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl


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