“Make The Best Of It”



So many of you are unhappy because of your curves, singleness, big lips, dark skin, kinky hair, bald head, short statue, squeaky voice, weight, education, and many other things that separates you from what is considered to be the norm.  The world has set standards in which quite frankly, YOU DON’T FIT….  It would seem you could go to church and find comfort, but you’re being judged there as well…  It’s amazing how “unhappiness” many times is considered to be a personal problem or a result of the world, but the church plays a HUGE part in the feeling of inadequacy many people are going through today….   You know like if you don’t speak in tongues, your skirt is too short, you have kids out of wedlock, men wearing earrings, and if you’re not married, something has to be wrong with you… Who in the hell gave them the power to decide whether or not you’re happy, complete, and saved???  YOU DID…

It’s sad, but you’ve allowed what they’re thinking matter in your life….  Their opinions and thoughts have become your truth and now you’re crying on the inside, while faking on the outside….  Because you haven’t embraced your own “uniqueness”, you can’t see the beauty in what makes you different.  People are fickle; the world is constantly changing, so  (To read more click here… The Truth Bowl )


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