“Why Are You Afraid Of Your Destiny?”

So many of you are afraid, nervous, and uneasy about what’s happening in your life…. God is opening doors, breaking chains, and flooding your life with everything you’ve asked for, but you find yourself nervous about this particular moment in life…. So I want to ask why are you nervous? Why are you afraid of embracing this moment in your life? Why are you afraid of the greatness you possess? And why are you afraid of receiving everything you’ve prayed and ask for?

The truth is… You’ve waited, worried, and worked for this particular time in your life, you should enjoy the moment… Don’t be afraid of receiving all God is giving you right now, YOU DESERVE IT… Don’t be afraid of walking through the doors He’s opening for you right now, YOU ARE EQUIPPED… Don’t be afraid of reaping the harvest God is placing before you, YOU’VE SOWED IT… Don’t be afraid of this particular moment in your life, JUST OWN IT…

Tune in tomorrow, I’m on the air live with La Russia Cain and Pastor Randall Cain discussing my book “Naked”…. Tune in 12 Central Standard Time oo be apart of the live show go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/living-out-loud or call in 914-338-1254


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