“No More Cli·ché’s”


If I hear, “Double for your trouble”, “You’re next in line”, “Gain for your pain”, “Wherever the pepperoni’s fall that’s where the miracles will happen” (Gary Busey, Celebrity Apprentice) or any other catchy phrase that sounds like someone came up with it while sitting on the toilet, I’m going to SCREAM…   Everybody’s a poet or rapper these days, trying to fix your life and they’re own is a mess (Iyanla…), and I’m tired of it…  Trust me, I understand we live in times where people want it quick, hot and in a hurry, but has God become the lyrics to a song or the rhymes of a poem?  It’s amazing how the roles of those we listen to have changed…  Preachers have become “Poets”, TV host have become “Prophets”, and Movie Stars are now Ministers… Everybody has a word, but are their words helping you through your rough times….

You’ve applied for job after job, loan after loan, school after school, and now you’re losing faith in yourself…  “What is it I’m doing wrong?” you ask…  You trust God and know He’s faithful, so you’ve concluded it’s not Him but YOU…  Your hope is almost gone and hearing “You’re next in line” is not doing anything but pissing you off. If you’re next in line for the blessing, why in the hell is everyone else around you getting the things you want?  You’ve been standing in line for months….

You want children but not willing to have premarital sex to get them, now you’re losing faith in the (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl )


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