“The Best Of Me”


You poured into it… Gave everything you have to it…  Stressed and cried over it…. Fought for it … Now that it’s over you’re left with regrets of giving the best of you and getting nothing in return…

Today’s blog is for those of you have given the best  and now feeling empty from pouring into something or someone who has moved on and left you behind.  Maybe it was a job you were fired from, a marriage that ended in divorce, a ministry you were voted out of, or any other situation in which you gave so much of yourself and now that it’s over, you feel you have nothing to offer.

I’ve heard so many women say “I gave him the best years of my life, and he……”.  For some reason they’ve been hoodwinked into believing their lives are over and they no longer have anything to contribute nor are they suitable or desirable for a relationship.  Maybe their breast is sagging now, stretch marks cover their midsection, they’re a little older than before, but have they given the best of themselves??  NO…

Then there are those whose job or ministry ended abruptly.   When first starting out (Click here to read more The Truth Bowl )


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