“Own The Moment”


Have you ever wondered why both men and women go back to abusive relationship?  How those who suffer from addictions to drugs and porn surrender to their struggle?  Are you wondering why you’re in this rut and considering giving in to the very thing you’re running from?  Could it be you’re overwhelmed by your current circumstances?  Could it be things really aren’t going to get better?  Or could it be you’re not owning the moment?

For years I struggled with “letting go”.  I can remember building the confidence to walk away from a toxic contribution to my life…  The first couple of days I was on a high and felt good because I was ready to move onto better, but out of nowhere I was knocked down.  I had a bad day and before I knew it I walked right back into the mess I just ran from.    Looking back in hindsight I see the “toxic waste” was a comfort zone for me.  As bad as the situation was, I found a sense of security there, so I resorted to the darkness to hide my feelings of fear.  The funny thing is once I walked back, I REGRETTED IT.

Many of you are having a bad day, horrible moment, and going through some sad times.  Life caught you off guard and now you’ve falling (Click here to read more… The Truth Bowl  )


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