“You’re Carrying Too Much Luggage…”


One of my greatest treats in life is traveling.  I love the adventure of getting on a plane, taking a road trip, and the whole experience of seeing a new place and all it has to offer.  For years I had a problem with packing…  I always seemed to over pack which in so many ways made the trip a little frustrating…   When over packing you have to go through baggage claim, tip the shuttle driver for lifting all the heavy luggage, unpack all the suitcases in the hotel, repack them to go back home, and once making it home you have to unpack them all over again…  It’s like, “Eeeesh, I’m tired just thinking about it”…

Over the past few years, I feel I’ve mastered packing…  Now when traveling, I only take ONE BAG which is filled to the max with what I’m going to need.  Here’s my packing list…  1 pair of jeans, slacks, 1 dress shirt, and 1 pair of dress shoes.   For each day I’m there, I pack 2 sets of underwear (Shower once in the morning and evening), and depending on how many days I’m there, determines how many Graphic T-Shirts I will carry along.  I’ve realized I don’t need a different pair of jeans per day, just a different shirt.  If I go to a nice restaurant for dinner, I’ll wear the slacks with the dress shirt or a Graphic T.  By doing this, I’ve cut out going through baggage claim and hanging up clothes in the closet.   I carry everything in a backpack to save myself the burden of carrying all the baggage.

Many of you are similar to me when traveling…  You over pack, but I’m not talking about traveling to a different city or country, but the journey of life.  You’re carrying baggage you don’t need from relationship to relationship, job to job, marriage to marriage, and any other life experience you face.  You haven’t (Click here to read more… http://www.thetruthbowl.com/index.html?entry=you-re-taking-too-much )


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