“The Next Big Thing”


If you’ve been around me long enough, you know I have a cell phone fetish…  It’s a must I have the latest and greatest cell phone and there’s nothing I won’t do to get it…  I’m not an Apple guy, but I sure love Samsung and “The Next Big Thing” perfectly describes my quest in life…   I’m learning this same attitude I have for cell phones has carried over into my personal life.  I’m always seeking the next big thing, no matter how long it’s been since I received the last biggest thing, I WANT WHAT’S NEXT…

Here recently, I’ve found myself in somewhat of a rut…   It’s like I’m miserable with where I am at this very moment on my journey.  I feel like I’m doing nothing or not doing enough, like I should be pursuing bigger dreams and accomplishing other goals in my life.  There’s a danger that I failed to see in all of this though…  Because I’m so focused on the next big endeavor in my life, I can’t see nor enjoy all the things I’ve already accomplish.  The truth is…  I’m blessed far beyond what I should be…   Based on the standards and requirement of the world, honestly I’m unqualified and unworthy to have received some of the things God has granted favor on me to see.  

God has done some extraordinary things, and to be honest I’ve given the ole “Oscar” brush-off Oprah feels she received this year for her performance…    Sure I’ve told Him thanks (Click here to read more… http://www.thetruthbowl.com/index.html?entry=the-next-big-thing )


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