“You’re Acting Funny”

Have you ever made a change for the better and seems like “opposition” slapped you in the face? You know like stepping up your relationship with Christ and your friends say things like, “Oh you’re too good to go to the club now?” Or how about this one, you stop smoking and your cigarette buddies say “So you give up smoking and now you think you’re better than us???” Now to me, both of these are “WTH” situations and may seem hard to believe, but it has actually happened to a lot of you reading this blog.

You reached a point you no longer wanted to live the way you were living, so you made up your mind to improve your situation. You wanted better, to live life to the fullest and painfully as it may be, those you love weren’t quite as happy and excited as you were about the change. Now some people would consider these people as haters, but in actuality they aren’t, they’re afraid. Afraid of “change”, being exposed, you leaving, stepping up to the plate and joining you, and some are afraid you will discover the GREATNESS WITHIN. Their fear of the “change in you” becomes “insecurity”, “insecurity” becomes “desperation”, “desperation” becomes “manipulation”, “manipulation” becomes “control”.

Many of you are being manipulated today and don’t even know it… You believe this person is looking out for you, yet they’re truly looking out for themselves. They don’t want you to change because it will either require change in them or for you to leave…. So they make comments and do subtle things to discourage you. They’ve been planting seeds of doubt and fear so long until you’re clueless to it.

I have several friends who are in relationships or married and one of their biggest problems starts when one decides to lose WEIGHT. One person in the relationship starts eating a bowl of oatmeal, and the other eats a bowl of ENVY. “You’ve been overweight for years, so why all of sudden are you trying to lose weight? Who are you trying to impress???” As inappropriate as this may seem, it’s happening to more people than you know. Statements like this are made to manipulate you into feeling awkward and bad about what you’re doing, they want you to question your motives and secretly they hope you will give up.

The truth is… When you decide to make a change, everyone will not be happy for you. It doesn’t make(Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )


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