“Talk To The Hand…”

There are so many “fed up”, frustrated, overwhelmed, and “sick and tired of being sick and tired” people in the world. They’re fed up with life, work, family, friends, being overweight, broke, and abused. They’re frustrated with themselves and the world… Well guess what, we’re sick and tired too. We’re sick and tired of hearing your whining. We’re “fed up” with all your complaining about how things aren’t going right; how you can’t find a man; how your boss hates you, and we’re tired of you sitting on your butt doing nothing about it…

You say you want change, but YOU DON’T… You’re happy being miserable, playing the victim, being in the situation you’re in. You’re happy because for so long we’ve enabled you… We’ve given you the attention you truly want, listened over and over again to you complain, but watched you do nothing to improve yourself. If you’re so “fed up”, overwhelmed, frustrated, and sick and tired, get off your lazy butt and do something about it…

If you’re tried of being overweight,(Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )


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