“T.M.I.: Shut Up, You Talk Too Much”

Did you know sharing your dreams can be detrimental? Giving too much information regarding your plans can kill them before you even start? Well it’s true, sometimes we share too much information with people. We share our dreams, visions, plans and because of their own personal agenda, they discourage us in some way or another. Everyone can’t handle your dreams, see the vision you’ve been given, nor can they overlook their own fears when listening to your desires. In no way are we implying everyone is out to get you, but fear and doubt can be planted in your mind without you even knowing it.

“Fear” in so many ways has been masked by the words “Morals” and “Advice”. We share with family and friends hoping for encouragement, yet we receive a cup filled with discouragement. Because of their love, concern and inability to see our path, seeds of doubt and fear are planted in the soil of our mind. We trust their “advice” and depend on our “morals”, yet our vision is now somewhat blurred.

Then there are those competitors we’re unaware of. Those who (Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )


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