“Don’t Be “Intimidated”, Be “Inspired”

Why are you intimidated by her? Is it because your husband likes thin women and over the years you’ve picked up a little weight? Is it because she’s always dressed nice and you’re wearing stretch pants and a sweat top? Or is it because she reminds you of the woman you used to or want to be?

Why are you intimidated by him? Is it because everyone loves him? He’s only worked there six months and management has taken interest in him? Is it because his strengths have exposed your weaknesses? Or is it because he reminds you of the man you used to or want to be?

Have you ever wondered why people are intimidated by you? You do nothing but be yourself, yet they are threatened by the person you are? Well in life you will find there are those people who “coast” and those who are “challenged”. The key ingredient that separates the two is the desire for improvement. The “coaster” is the person who’s been around for awhile. They’re complacent, satisfied and have reached a level in which they believe is their peak. They’re “Mr. or Mrs. Big Stuff” and everyone has deemed them the best thing to happen since “Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles”. Sadly to say, the “coaster” is content and happy until YOU SHOW UP…

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