“Et Tu Brute”


The two most famous stories of betrayal deals with mean whose initials were J. C.  Nothing hurts more than the betrayal of a friend…in high school you may remember reading the story of Julius Caesar, if so, you remember the famous line “Et Tu Brute” which means “Even you, Brutus?”  A questioned asked by Julius Caesar as he was repeatedly stabbed not only by his enemies, but his good friend Brutus as well.    Many of you don’t have to imagine how Julius Caesar felt because you know exactly how it feels to be betrayed.  To have a friend stab you in your back, use what was confided as a weapon, sleep with your partner and to have your trust abused. You know what it feels like to be smiled at, yet when you walk away; daggers are placed in your back.

We all have a “Brutus” in our lives… Maybe your “Brutus” is a friend, co-worker, boss, church member or sadly to say, a family member.  Every “Brutus” is not there to stab us in our back; some of them dig ditches hoping we’re going to fall into them.   The most noted betrayal of all times is the betrayal of Jesus Christ.  Yep Jesus, He even had a Brutus and his name was Judas.  Betrayed with a simple kiss and for a measly 30 pieces of silver, Judas sold Jesus out…    So if Jesus could be betrayed, you know your chances are pretty high….

You’re wondering where we’re going with this, so let us get straight to the point…    There are going to be people you know and some you don’t who will attempt to set you up, assassinate your character and dig ditches for you to fall in.  They’re going to smile in your face, listen to your dreams and aspirations and when they feel the time is right, they’re going to stab you in your back with lies, rumors and gossip. You may even feel like Julius Caesar and think “Et Tu” (Even you)… But the difference between you and Julius is, you know something he didn’t… 

The truth is… (Click here to read more… http://TheTruthBowl.com )


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