“People Are So Fickle… SMH”

Why do you spend money you don’t have, on things you can’t afford, attempting to impress people who don’t even like you?

Why do you live in a $500.00 apartment (Ghetto), drive a $1000.00 a month car, but can’t pay for a $20.00 meal?

Why do you lose sleep worrying over things someone has said, yet they’re sleeping peacefully not dreaming about you?

Why are you skipping meals, popping pills, hurting your knees on a treadmill trying to lose weight for a man who doesn’t notice you in a empty room?

Why are you trying to be somebody you are not and forsaking the awesome person you are?

Why are you trying to prove yourself to someone who doesn’t even know themselves?

There are so many financially stressed, mentally drained, and physically exhausted people living today. Constantly striving to meet the standards of the world, life has become an unattainable destination. Climbing hills in which the height constantly changes has left them with feelings of inadequacy. Because they long to fit in, they’ve set out on a journey in which losing the true essence of their creation is the price they have to pay.

The truth is… You have nothing to prove… You (Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )


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