“Who Told You To Quit?”

Truth: “Bad” moments were created to make you look “Good”… Don’t miss your opportunity to shine…

So we’re concluding our week of lessons you can learn from a failure, but our final point is the most crucial… Being a “visionary” isn’t always easy and there’s going to be times you will feel the pressure and pain of giving birth to it. You may cry, get upset, say a few curse words, and you may even lose a few friends along the way… BUTTTTTTT GIVING UP ISN’T AN OPTION….

Giving up on your dreams is GIVING UP ON YOU… Did you know life feels empty, disjointed, and lost when you’re not serving your true purpose? Not fulfilling the plan for your life? When you’re not reaching and grabbing for all God has in store for you? The vision for the Business, Art and Dance School, Ministry, Church, CD, and Book weren’t given to you to just let sit on the shelves of your mind. IT’S MEANT FOR YOU TO BRING IT TO LIFE AND NOT GIVE UP WHEN THINGS GET ROUGH…

So you want to give up, huh? WELL YOU CAN’T. Sure things(Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )


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