“Stay True To You”

Now that your eye is on the target, you’re well informed of the needs of your audience; let’s talk about what you’re offering… What’s your vision? Do you know? Are you clear on where you want to go? How you’re going to approach the world with it? Are you going to “bend” with the “trend”? Or will you strategically supply the needs of your audience while remaining true to what was given to you?

Have you ever felt the world isn’t interested in what you have to offer? You know like “Positive Thinking”, “Healing of the soul”, “Better living”, “Restoration”, and sadly to say, God. Everything today has a sexual undertone, ripped abs, buns of steel, lingerie, cursing, drama, back stabbing and for those of you who are singers, if we can’t bump and grind to it, we ain’t hearing it… Sometimes it feels like in order to get their attention, you have to “bend” to the “trend” and compromise who you truly are. Sadly to say, many of you have compromised your vision and now you suffer from “Visionary Cataract Syndrome” . You’ve tweaked, amended, changed and adjusted it so much until you’ve LOSTED IT. Your path is unclear and you wonder why no one will follow you…

In the book “The Four Agreements”, the 2nd Agreement is “Don’t Take Anything Personal”… As visionaries, we must apply(Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )


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