“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Thoughts of suicide run through my mind, hurt fills my heart and pain is now my best friend. I’ve been hurting for so long until now I’m numb to everything. Drowning in pain I find myself trapped in a world of misery, I hold the key to the cell, but the hurt keeps me sitting in a corner like a helpless child. I’ve prayed for help, a breakthrough and deliverance, but nothing seems to be happening. The world I’ve worked so hard to build is crumbling right before my eyes, but no one seems to see I’m crumbling right along with it.

Right now I’m hanging on by a thread and the only thing getting me through the day is my faith in the fact God is going to turn this around for my good. I’m on an emotional roller coaster, broken, hurting and I’m ready to give up. Every morning I dread going through the day. Life has become so draining and I’m tired of having to live my life as though nothing is going wrong.

I’m tired of doing the right thing; tired of treating those who purposely and maliciously set out to harm me(Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )


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