“How Bright Is Your Light?”

How do you handle adversity? Do you complain or create? Fade into the darkness or shine brighter than ever before?

When faced with adversity, many people can’t see the possibilities because they are blinded by the problem…. Fading into the darkness of what appears to be wrong their minds are consumed with the negative. Constantly complaining, taking on the role of the victim and bringing everyone around down, the possibilities of success is now buried along with their dreams.

The truth is… In your darkness moments is when you should shine the brightest. When faced with adversity, this is not the time to cry, complain, nor criticize… IT’S TIME TO CREATE… Create a solution and your path into your destiny.

Many of you are working jobs in which the department is understaffed…. This is not the time to blend in, but stand out. This is your time to shine as a leader, hard worker and for your determination to light up the path into your future….

Some of you are going through(Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )


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