“Preacher’s Shouldn’t Get Paid”

Click here for the CD Review of “Dietrick  Haddon: R.E.D”  http://youtu.be/CBEHV7cOPP4

Ok, tonight is the season finale of “Preachers Of L.A.” and there will be more saints glued to their television than a Thursday night of “Scandal”. From gold chains to tattoos these five men have proven just because you’re a preacher doesn’t mean you can’t have swag. It’s “Did They Just Say That?” Wednesday and you already know we’re going there….

I must admit, I’ve watched every episode of this show and honestly not because it’s a good show. But because I’m captivated by the fact they’ve chosen to expose their mess for all to see. Now of course, is there really such a thing called reality TV? Or is everything scripted? In the case of “Preachers Of L.A.”, I would have to go with more SCRIPTED…. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice they have the 6 typical characters needed to make a successful show.

You have the “Holy Roller”, Bishop Clarence McClendon… The “Radical”, Dietrich Haddon… The “Explorer”, Jay Haizlip… The “Hood Rat”, Bishop Ron Gibson… The “Why Were You Cast”, Bishop Wayne Chaney… And lastly, the “Play Boy”, Bishop Noel Jones…. Now if you didn’t know this was scripted, the last should have triggered something in your head…. Come on now, Noel Jones a PLAYBOY????? Now I know women love men in leadership, but for all the foolishness he demonstrates on this show, either his cabinet is filled with Viagra or Needles, or this is a bad brother…. Did they just say the “V” word? And that would be a hard yes…….

But the most talked about, discussed, and criticized for all these men is their lifestyle, money, cars, and homes…. Now this is where the reality comes in to play… It’s amazing (Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )


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