“Snapshots Of Your Life”

You pictured your life completely different than the reality of your world today… By now you were supposed to be financially secure; married with kids; Pastor of a church; graduate of college; owner of your own business or just living a “happy” life. Taking inventory of where you are today, it seems those desires are shattered dreams. It would take years to accomplish the things you want and just like Sweet Brown you say to yourself “I Ain’t Got Time For That”.

You’re a woman… Your biological clock is ticking and having a baby out of wedlock is not an option… You want to be married not because all your friends have tied the knot, but because you want to share with a man the wonderful qualities you possess. As a girl you dreamed of life as being completely different than what it is today. You’re supposed to be traveling the world, climbing the corporate ladder, raising a family and attending regular PTA meetings.

You’re a man… Living in an A.P.T., working a dead end J.O.B, your car is busted and you’re low on M.O.NEY… As a young boy you dreamed (Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )


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