“Have Your Way”

Deitrick Haddon has made the news lately for Preachers of LA, but today post is not about Preachers of LA. Today, I am going to talk about his latest song “Have Your Way.” This song is so powerful in so many ways. When I first heard the song, I started thinking about my own life.

Many times, we all say “Lord, have your way.” We want to surrender our situation to God, but every time we try to let go, we pull back and grab the situation back with our entire palm. It’s easier said than done to surrender to God. It’s hard to surrender the situation to God because we are taught by society that we are in control of our destiny. Our flesh want things solved as quickly as it come our way. When things do not get resolve we start worrying because we need a resolution.

For years I struggled with this entire concept. I had control issues in every aspect of my life. I wanted to know the outcome. Since I am a planner naturally I planned every aspect of my life, but lately I have calm down and change my approach on many things in my life. I am learning to control my emotions. I am(Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )


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