“To All My Haters, Favor Ain’t Fair”


You’ve heard the quote “Favor Ain’t Fair”…  Normally when used, it‘s a rebuttal to those we categorize as “Haters”…  You know the ones who can’t comprehend the blessings you’ve received, so they slander your name, question your credentials and attempt to assassinate your character… Today we’re giving the “Haters” also known as “Fans, who haven’t realized their true identity” a break, they’ve been beat down enough.  We want to talk to the “Favored” and bring to light the other side of “Favor Ain’t Fair”…

“Favor”, an unmerited gift from God can sometimes feel as though it comes with a cost…  Those who are living a (Click here to read more…  http://TheTruthBowl.com )


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