“Don’t Go Back…”

Truthful Day,

So you’re thinking about going back? You’re not feeling great about yourself, life, or your surroundings and you’re contemplating whether or not you should go back to the times you felt the most comfortable… You know like when you were so high you couldn’t spell your name… Times when you were beaten, mistreated, and made to feel you were worthless… Times when you had alcohol and marijuana buddies… The times when you were miserable, but because you didn’t know your true worth, you thought were good times…

The truth is… You’re having a bad moment… Maybe things aren’t (Click here to read more…. http://www.TheTruthBowl.com )



3 thoughts on ““Don’t Go Back…”

  1. I agree…NEVER go back. It can do no good, just as worrying and going too far ahead. Focus on the positive in the present. Then your past will make sense and your future will be bright : )

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