“Cash, Check, or Charge”


Can I be of help to you without opening up my check book? How much is my physical and emotional support worth?

These are two questions that popped into my head on Sunday when I heard this statement: “You can have all the desire in the world to help someone but you’re not doing much unless you write a check”.  I couldn’t believe my ears and I’m sure my facial expression was priceless.

I begin thinking about places like the Salvation Army and Meals on Wheels. These places do things to help cloth and feed the hungry and homeless. They are not handing out envelopes with checks in them while they are providing warm cloths and a hot meal, that doesn’t make what they are doing less effective or important.

When a friend calls me and they need to talk about something they are going through. I take time out to listen and to give advice if necessary. Letting them know that I’m there for them anytime they someone to lean on. No money exchanged hands but my love and support was given to them without limit.

None of these situations required cash, check or a credit card. They just required being there for someone in their time of need. I hate to think that because I’m not giving you a hundred dollar bill that I am not being of help. Why does money have to show you the level in which someone cares for you?

The Truth Is… Everything does not have monetary value. The support, love and care you give someone is priceless. That is something that can last forever. You can offer advice to someone that may change their life. No money involved just words and love.

The love a parent gives to a child can not be measured by dollar signs. Would you rather have a parent that never spends anytime with you, never showed you any love or affection, but spent money on you every chance they got.  Some of you would love that. I am talking to those that treasure their relationships with their parents. Those of us that can’t imagine a day when our parents weren’t there for us. Money can’t parent you; money can’t come to your first musical or cheer you on when you score your first touchdown.  Only a loving caring person can do that.

If I was on the street cold and hungry and you gave me a couple of dollars, I would still be hungry. You can’t wrap up and get warm with a one dollar bill. I would rather you take me to a shelter, where it’s warm and they will give me a meal and bed to sleep in. Perhaps even help me find a way to get me back on my feet. Give me something that I can hold on to for more than a moment. Something that I can carry with me for a life time. . .

Money is nice to have. But money won’t solve the entire world’s problems. Maybe a kind word and helping hand could have stopped wars and rumors of wars. All throwing money at a problem has down is increase the deficit.

All I am trying to say is. People buying me something shiny and bright is nice. But what I’ve found is that what I cherish the most are the things that don’t come with a price tag. The love, encouragement and support I get from my family and friends money can’t buy me that.


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