“Leave Me The …. Alone”

Okay, if you’ve read my excerpt “M.A.N”, you’ll know where I’m going with this… Brothas, don’t you get tired of women asking “Why you do that?”; “Why you didn’t do that?”; “Why don’t you act like…?”; “Why don’t you treat me like …?” Constantly complaining about the “M.A.N.” YOU ARE NOT, yet they stick around not only wasting your time, but more importantly their own.

So, I wanted to devote a little time to answer the “Why’s”… Share this with your wife or girlfriend, soon to be divorced sister, and maybe she’ll stop with all the “Why’s” and let you go to the “Y”….

Here we go…

Why can’t you find love? The truth is… You’re looking for us men to love you when you don’t even love yourself. And because (Click here to read more… http://TheTruthBowl.com )


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