“Dems, Reps, and Obama: GET IT TOGETHER…”

We are in the second week of the Government Shutdown. Some are saying Republicans are to blame while others are blaming Democratic Party and President Obama. Some feel Obamacare is causing the entire shutdown, while others are saying republicans are acting like cry babies. This blog is not about who’s right or who is wrong, but who need to blink first or compromise in this situation?

Make your own judgment and battle those debates within your circle… I’ve watched the coverage on this story, and many American citizens have come on television stating how this shutdown has affected their lives. My heart goes out to those who have financial problems due to the shutdown, but it reminds us how we need to put trust in God. Isn’t it funny how the money we carry states “In God We Trust”, yet in moments of financial crisis, we don’t look to God? Humans will disappoint us time and time again, but God does not disappoint us.

The Truth is… Many times we put faith in everything but God…. We expect the government, our job, and/or family to supply our needs, but all those things can disappoint, let us down, and forsake us. Putting faith in humans only set us up to be disappointed.

We rely on our jobs to pay the bills or recognize depend on our intellect to get that promotion…The truth is… God makes the way to pay our bills, He’s the one who (Click here to read more… http://TheTruthBowl.com)


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