“Lean On Me, When You’re Not…”

This past weekend, I heard about a young lady who tried to commit suicide last week. She sent her good-bye messages, took the pills, but God woke her up and kept her vomiting to flush those pills out her system. There are many people who love her and when they were unable to reach her, they began to panic and worry.

The young lady felt overwhelmed about her life, she couldn’t see any way out of her problems, the only way was to take her own life. When her support system circled around her, for many of them this was the first they heard of her problems. She never shared her problems with anyone because she didn’t want anyone to know her problems, the pain she is facing, nor gossipping about her problems. I can continue to list what she didn’t want to happen, but the bottom line is she allowed pride to take over.

She needed an outlet to vent, someone to confide in without judgment. There were so many people she could have vented and confided in, but she allowed the enemy to tell her otherwise. She believed her problems were too big to overcome and because of this, she felt she was on an island by herself.

The Truth is… (Click here to read more… http://TheTruthBowl.com )


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