“Serve & Go”




This morning while driving into work I thought about all the amazing things that have happened in 2013.  As I reflected, sadness came over me.  I’m blessed to know some of the most amazing people, yet some of them weren’t there to share the great times in my life.  Now I’m not talking about those who have left earth or those who live out of town, I’m talking about the people who live less than an hour away.  Some people would say they aren’t true friends or I need better friends, but I don’t feel this way.  Does it sting they weren’t there?  Yep…  Would it make the memories of the events  better if they were there?  Yep…  Does it make them less of an amazing person?  Nope… 

Out of nowhere it hit me, we are “Seasonal”.  “Seasonal” meaning we have a purpose to serve and once our assignment is over, we go.  Some of you may disagree and say you’re a “Lifetime Person” and you have “Lifetime Friends”, but at some point we all must leave earth.  We are here only for a period of time and once life expires, those who remain are left with the memories of our contributions into their lives.  Many times we feel a sense of failure when we reflect on all the great people who we are no longer in contact with.  We spend countless hours trying to figure why they are no longer here, and what went wrong… Could it be nothing went wrong?  They’ve served their purpose and now they’ve moved on?

One of the greatest contributors into the greatness of my being was my father.  Every day I think of him and how I wish he was still alive to witness the purchase of my first home; check out the perfection of the yard I mowed, and all the fixtures I’ve installed in my home.  I wish he was still living to see the Man I’ve become, but He served his purpose and he had to go.   It is because of him that I take pride in my yard.  It’s because of him I know how to install light fixtures, ceiling fans, fix the plumbing, and paint a wall.  It’s because he served his purpose in my life, I’m the Man I am today.

Many times we hold on to people whose assignment has been completed.  Because they are good to us we believe they are supposed to be in our lives forever, and this is not true.  Their assignment could be to plant a seed and then go…  Then there are those who are supposed to water the seed and then they go… And then there are those who are supposed to watch the seed grow, you got it, and they go too…  Each of these people has been assigned to play a particular role in your life, and once they’ve completed their job, it’s also their plan to move on…

It’s hard to lose people over a fight and even harder to lose them when there is no reason.  A sense of failure hits us, and we must place blame somewhere.  We questioned what we’ve said and whether we could have done something differently…  it’s hard to comprehend that “plan” and “purpose” is taking place, so something has to be wrong… 

Oppose to crying over the fact they’re no longer “actively” in our lives, we should reflect on the contributions made and how our life has been enhanced by the connection.  Whether you talk to this person once a year or even once every ten years, because you are “divinely” and “purposefully” connected, they will forever be there for you….  Be a friend and allow them to live the plan…    It’s your assignment in life to take the seed they’ve planted and grow…

The truth is… People come into our lives to serve a purpose and when they’ve completed it, it’s part of their plan to go…


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