“A Simple Thanks”

The other day, I thought about my prayer list. It felt as though my prayer requests were similar to a child always with their hand out asking their parents for money or keys to the car. Now, do not get me wrong, I thank God for all His blessings, and then I go on to give Him my list. It was like a routine I never stopped to take a moment to reflect on His blessings. My prayer list consists of other people needs, such as healing, relationship with God, relationship with another person, and employment. As I was driving and thinking of my prayer list, I realized how many things I can be thankful for and have I ever spent an entire prayer thanking God. I had shifted my mind and started thinking all the many things to give God thanks. That night, I listed out everything I had to give thanks. I went back over the years and did not just thank God for the “surface” things in my life, but testimony things that I never saw as a testimony until recently. My prayer that night was not of things I want Him to bless my loved ones or me with, but it was a prayer that took the attention off of my love ones or my needs and gave God all the attention. My prayer that night was to give God simple thanks!

The Truth is…Some time we have to turn the attention off our needs and tell God THANK YOU!


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